Practical Theology Course  2019-2020



The VISION Practical Theology Course is a CORRESPONDENCE / CONFERENCE CALL course.  Although it is not an "in-classroom" course, it has NO shortcuts.  YOU MUST DO THE WORK, either on your own or by choosing to work with a life-line partner from other enrolled students, in order to keep up.

Much more detailed information is provided during the initial Course Orientation call.   Each registered student will be contacted prior to the Orientation Call.

CLASS LISTING  (in no particular order)


Orientation (counts as a class, so don't miss it!)

Hermeneutics I 
Hermeneutics II  (Definiteness of Purposse)

Hermensutics III 


Tripartition of Man I
Tripartition of Man II

Tripartition of Man III 

Homiletics I 
Homiletics II 

Authority of the KJV / Bible Translations 

Dispensations I 
Dispensations II 
Dispensations III 


Intro to Hebrew 101

Doctrine of God
Doctrine of Jesus Christ / 
Christology I
Doctrine of the Holy (Ghost) Spirit 
Doctrine of Man
Doctrine of Satan
Doctrine of Salvation
Doctrine of Justification
Doctrine of Angels


Spiritual Gifts I
Spiritual Gifts II
Spiritual Gifts III
Spiritual Gifts IV


Daughters are Prophesying / The Woman Question

Platform Psychology 

Sermon Psychology 
Pulpit Presentation 

HOMILY (required oral presentation)

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